25 Meter

25 Meter FITA Star Fall Classic

The 3rd Annual 25Meter Fall Classic FITA STAR was a smashing success. Attendance was through the roof, several records were blasted off the chart and we had a great time. If you didn't make it this year you missed out - but dont worry there's next year. We plan for the 25 Meter FITA Star to be bigger than ever. 

Several Records went down this weekend. I am in the process of accounting for all of them right now, but unofficially Jonathan Clark, Gavin Huff, Johnny Lennox, Bridger Deaton, Kailey Johnston have new records you can compare your scores to the records at www.archeryrecords.org

We had archers from as far away as Iowa and many JOAD teams turned out. The Newberry FL team had a lot of kids and they looked great. We had some Wasps from Wayne County and The Georgia Archery Team turned out. 

On day one Bridger Deaton was looking like he was going to smash the world record at the half. As it turned out he dropped two too many and ended up overwhelming the Junior National Record. At 18 years old he shows a tremendous talent. I look forward to tracking his archery for years to come. 

On the bowman Bales Mathew Weinstein Nuked the Cub record. However he registered as a bowman and there are no bowman records recognized for 25 Meters. 

There was STIFF Competition on the Master 60 bale. Patrick Eischen and Johnny Lennox have been rough on each other lately. This time Johnny came out on top. 

Brian Huff rocked the Senior Division with an 1149. His score would have been tied for second in the Championship Pro Division. - I'm just sayin'

Gavin Huff and Jonathan Clark rocked some records and won their division. Jack Argo rocked the Cub Recurve Division and it was his first event ever!

The kids really turned out strong and we had a great time

All proceeds from this event went directly to the ALC JOAD to help with the expansion and growth of our JOAD and other kids programs.

Results - Click here