What: Vegas Shoot and Christmas Party White Elephant Gift Exchange

When: December 22, 2018

Where: at the ALC Indoor Range

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Yeomen, Bowmen, Cubs
10:00 AM - Practice
10:30 AM - Score
12:00 Noon Christmas Party and Gift Exchange
Cadets, Juniors, Seniors, and Masters
2:00 PM - Practice
2:30 PM - Score 

Entry Fee: The cost of the shoot is $20 and one small gift for the White Elephant Gift Exchange. All proceeds from the shoot go to the Archery Learning Center JOAD. 

You are all invited!!! Come on down for a Vegas shoot and Archery Learning Center Christmas Party Dec 23.

The cost for the shoot will be $20 each and ONE SMALL WRAPPED GIFT. The gifts will be put under the tree for a White Elephant Gift exchange. 

Any equipment goes - Just come and have fun!