Since 2010, we have led the effort to grow archery in the state of Georgia. We have tirelessly worked through Kids Archery and JOAD programs and hosting local archery events.


Our Mission

is to continue to provide the infrastructure necessary to grow the sport of archery. We continue to show new people the sport and provide a range, events, and lessons so that they continue in the great sport of archery. We feel our mission is important because the happiness it creates, improved school performance in kids, and the growth it provides to archery in Georgia as a whole. 

George you should be very proud of your kids. Seen a lot of ALC shirts this weekend and today some were carrying Silver Bowls.
What you do with these kids is amazing and the future of archery looks awesome because of people like you!
— Louis Lovasco, Kawkawlin, Michigan

What We've Achieved

  • Hosts of the USA Archery National Indoor
  • Hosted the 25 Meter Artemis Classic 5 years running
  • Team Hornet - 26 National Titles
  • Team Hornet - 1 World Team Title
  • Team Hornet - USA JDT Member
  • Hundreds of kids introduced to archery every month
  • Weekly Adult programs for the introduction of archery.