2017 GRIV Seminar in Georgia


2017 GRIV Seminar in Georgia


GRIV will be presenting his weekend seminar in Georgia at the Archery Learning Center in Snellville. 

Cost is $325 per person with lunch provided on Saturday and Sunday. Individual coaching will be provided in addition to all seminar materials. Participation is limited to 20 archers. 

Topics include:
Relationship between Form, Stability, and Shot Execution
Foundations of stable and repeatable compound form
Trouble shooting common problems
How to gain stability through finding the perfect draw length
Tension and it's role in stability and execution
The release how to choose and why
Release construction and design. What it means to you. 
The steps to learning a release in a way that solidifies the connection between your form and execution.
The importance of close range shooting
Setting up stabilizers and how and why
Creating a good arrow recipe for indoors and outdoors
Equipment tuning secrets
Winning the mental game
Different practice modes to dial in success
Developing a solid mental game
Finding the zone

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